Being Professional in the Business Field

shutterstock_552201991What does professionalism mean to you? You need to identify what professionalism is for you so that you can exude what it is. There are some people who feel that they are very professional but in fact, they don’t act like that at all. They come to their meetings late, they’re not dressed appropriately, they’re not getting the job done, they can’t be relied on, etc. As a professional, make certain that you are mindful of other people’s time, mindful of responding to emails on time (and if you can’t, just apologize), or just simply, return phone calls. Just do those common ethical things because you don’t want someone else to do that to you, especially when you are trying to ask clients to participate with you or you’re trying to get that deal.

In business, the reality is that, how you appear to the public matters. People are always watching you, watching your every move. So you can’t go and just look any kind of way, because you don’t know who you are going to run into, you don’t know how your next deal is going to come through. You have to at least put your best foot forward. Practicing professionalism will help you make a great first impression because people are looking at everything. How are you coming into meetings? Are you meeting potential clients with dirty clothes and messy hair? Always remember that people are looking before they buy your product. They’re not buying your sweet potato pie, they’re not buying your coaching services, they’re not buying your smoothies, they are not buying your actual product… They are buying you.


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