Allot Time for Your Business to Grow

shutterstock_231369601As an entrepreneur, I know the feeling of wanting your business to grow in the blink of an eye. I know the thirst of having it out there and have more people notice and talk about how great your products and services are.

But, I also learned that everything takes time when I was just starting my business. It takes a lot of patience to get your business to grow the way you want it to be, especially your market reach.  Sure, we’d love to have our business have more products for our new and existing customers to explore, but we also have to learn from their feedback and apply appropriate action on how to make our business grow.

What you need to do is to make a little progress every day because it adds up and eventually, it will create a big result. Advertise your business both digitally and traditionally through print ads, billboards, etc. While you probably won’t experience growth right away, whichever way you choose to expand your business, you will see progress if you keep being consistent about it. Patience and consistency will successfully transform your business into all that you want it to be.

Be patient and do what you can for now, in order to get your business to grow.

Never Hesitate

shutterstock_340291505I know most of my Rockstars hesitate a lot of times regarding their business and/or their dreams because they’re afraid of failing or even being rejected. But remember, failing and being rejected are always part of the thrill and the challenge of life.

One thing you should know and do is to never hesitate. Hesitating means you’re only pulling your dreams further behind from achieving and making it turn into reality. To some people, it may work; but mostly, hesitating just eats up your time and opportunity.

It takes time and effort to actually make something out of what you’re doing. If you’re trying hard to reach your goal without giving up, you’ll eventually reach it. It might not be immediately, but you’ll definitely reach it. Some people give up because they think that dream isn’t for them. While it might be true and applicable to some people, it wouldn’t hurt to try and continue to give it another shot. And when you do, your future self will be thankful and proud of you because you never hesitated on trying.

When I was younger, I didn’t love myself. I was having negative thoughts in a lot of things. I was afraid of failing; and so, there were a lot of times when I hesitated on doing what I want and just proceeded with my normal life. But, I thought to myself that failing is also part of the journey, and so I strived for it. I failed a lot of times, but I always think that failing is just repackaged as my next step towards success. I never gave up and look at where I am today.

So, make sure to give it a shot and never hesitate on achieving your dream. Think about this: Achieving your dreams is something you do for yourself and it can definitely make you happy!

Finish Strong! Finish with a BANG!

shutterstock_304243838As an entrepreneur, we may experience or have already experienced many hard challenges just to keep our business running.

The key to be able to survive all the challenges ahead of us is to focus on our goals and never give up. Sure, there are times when we would fail and even feel like our efforts are futile. But, always remember that failing is repackaged as another step towards your success.

My story has inspired a lot of people to reach their goal in becoming an entrepreneur; and if you have been following me for quite a while now, you’ll know that what I’ve been through was not easy at all. But, I didn’t give up. I strived for it until I reached my goal, and that’s what you should do. Giving up should never be an option.

As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. End this year with a bang and get your business out there. When you’ve reached your goal, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for all your strong efforts. Remember, success is always within your reach.

Do not give up. Keep striving for your goal and continue it into the new year!

Nothing Is Too Late

A lot of people think that as we grow older, the more it’s too late to be what we want to be. And so, most of us adults, tend to give up on our dreams and proceed to be practical and do what seems to be realistic in our everyday lives.

But, nothing is too late. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams and be what you want to be. Take the famous author, J.K Rowling, as an example. She was 32 years old when her first book came out. And look at her now, she never gave up on her dreams. Despite her age, it didn’t stop her from pursuing to be what she wants to be.

Life goes on, and so does our chances. We get to choose what we want to be. Every day, every minute and every second is a chance for us to turn our lives around. It’s a matter of action; if you just keep on wishing and doing nothing, then your dreams are nothing but dreams.

Don’t think too far ahead just yet. Focus on what you need to do. Start taking action and turn your dreams into reality!

Great Things Never Came from the Comfort Zone

shutterstock_389252365All of us are working so hard to get to where we want to be. To achieve our dreams and make the people we love proud of us. But, have you been working hard enough to achieve your dreams?

Now, I’m not saying that you should work hard to the point where you forget about your health just to get there; but what I’m saying is, are you at least taking action to achieve your dreams?

Always remember that nothing will happen if you just sit around and wait for that opportunity before you do something about it. You need to create an opportunity for yourself. Great things would never come from your comfort zone.

So, instead of sitting around, doing nothing and wishing you’re already on your stepping stone of success, why not use that time and day to think about the first thing you need to do to achieve your dreams?

Just like the quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt says, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.” It means you need to deal with few challenges and prepare for what may happen before you reach your goal. When you fail, don’t give up. Use that as your motivation.

Turn Your Dreams into a Plan

shutterstock_344966651I know all of us have a lot of dreams that we want to achieve. As a child, some of us wanted to grow up to be a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, or even start our own business. But as we grew up, we faced reality; and in the end, we forgot about our dreams and just focused on what we have in front of us, as part of being “practical”.

Some people have the fear of failing or being made fun of by the people around them. But that shouldn’t hinder you to strive for what you want to achieve. You shouldn’t be scared of being a laughing stock. Because in the end, if you let those people influence you by pulling you down, then you’ll be the loser. You just need to focus on your dream and how to turn it into a plan.

Don’t be scared of failing. Listen, failure is not failing. It’s just repackaged as your next step towards success.

Turning your dream into a concrete plan can be really intimidating. But if you do it little by little, and work on your plan by starting with baby steps, then you’re taking action by allowing yourself to achieve something bigger.

Don’t be scared. It’s time for you to make your dreams turn into reality!

Knowing your Brand

shutterstock_484711921This game called entrepreneurship is not easy; it’s going to be hard. Being confident that you will complete the job, supporting and encouraging yourself and your team, and providing excellent customer service, will give you endurance to run this race. When you get in your mind that you need to complete everything with a level of excellence, things will change, your confidence will change because you know you have provided the best by the best.

Understand that your product or service must be air tight, the best. You can’t say that you have the best sweet potato pie just because your family, friends and co-workers tell you. You must test your product/service with the public. Test it to people you don’t know and won’t won’t be biased in judging you. The honesty of others that you don’t know will allow you to create what your customers need, instead of just creating a product that you and your closest friends like. It will boost your confidence when you are providing your product to REAL customers and they in turn, love the product.

A part of understanding your brand is understanding your competitors. If you assume your firm will be the only game in town, or if you fail to take existing competitors seriously, you’re asking for trouble. Pay attention to the competition and you won’t be unpleasantly surprised. Also, your competitors can be a great source of information about what works and what doesn’t work. Understand your competition. Who’s their largest supporter in the community? Their complaints? Learn from their mistakes and success.

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Importance of Having a Business Plan

I usually hear a lot of people saying they can’t write a business plan. But what’s a business plan? Do you really need one of those? How important it is? We all need a plan to go forward in our lives. We have a plan to take our children to school each day. We have a plan on what we will cook for that evening. We have a plan on how we will work out. Well your business also needs a plan. You must review your business plan each year to ensure that you have made the mark you desired for that year. Plus you may have a change or adjustments in the plan once you’ve understand how your business is running.

You can’t create a solid business plan without a budget and a financial forecast. A budget shshutterstock_461625757ould ultimately reflect all the other elements in your plan. If you don’t have a clear picture of your industry, customers, competitors, and market conditions before you develop a budget, your numbers aren’t likely to reflect reality. Projected Financial Statements are a must to include in your business plan. They must be REALISTIC!!! How do you know if you will make money? If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense. You’ll just be wasting your time. Numbers don’t lie when you see it in black and white. You’re just guessing. Guessing is the best way to crash and burn. Please don’t think you will reach revenues of $1 million right out the gate in the first year. Even the best of the best companies takes time to reach revenue goals, and even longer to make profit.

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Insights on Getting Your Dream Clientele

As I was sitting and reflecting earlier today, I’ve come to think about my clientele. I look at my calendar and I see several scheduled meetings with different clients. With these different clients to attend to, life is just really busy. And this got me thinking about the quality of my clientele, how we dream about the perfect client, and how some of us are not fortunate enough to have them.

If you’ve been just reactive and accepting just about any client who happens to come along, it’s time to change that. Since we’ve talked about assessing your current clientele, the health of your relationship with them, your current business practices, and your view of your worth as an entrepreneur, now we get into taking action and responding to what we have learned from our assessment.

Now that you know where you are, you can now move forward by determining what you need to do to elevate your client quality to the next step. From being merely reactive, you now need to become proactive.

Begin by thinking about what kind of client you actually want to work for. We’ll call this your client avatar. Consider the following factors as you reflect on this:



  • Type of client (industry, product, service – you can be as bold as to name a specific brand or client that you’d love to work for!)
  • Age / Length of time in business
  • Demographics / Location (Where they live)
  • Profit/ Income bracket
  • Location of business operations
  • Personality/Type of behavior (Go as far as asking yourself what type of car they drive, what kind of food they like, what hobbies and interests they pursue, and many more)



Why are we being so specific in developing our client avatar? In doing so, you develop a basis or a starting point for fine-tuning your business development strategy. In identifying your dream client DNA, you also allow yourself to think through the best ways you can actually connect with and integrate these people into your client roster – whether it’s through advertising, networking, or other methods. Your client avatar also serves as a reference point as to how you market yourself to these individuals so that they get interested in your services.

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Business Practices That Affects You Negatively Without Knowing

You may have clients who treat you unfairly, but sometimes the blame isn’t necessarily all on them. It’s time to start thinking if there are things you do operationally or even on principle that enable this type of bad client behavior.


At this point, it’s time to ask yourself the following WHY questions:shutterstock_420085351

  • Why do I allow my clients to do these things?
  • Why do I allow my clients to bully me into a rate that’s below my standards?
  • Why do I allow people to disrespect me?
  • Why do I allow people to enter my organization who act as if they’re the CEO?



Behavior is something that is also “enabled.” If at some point during asking yourself these questions, you find yourself discovering that you have been your bad client’s “enabler” all this time, it’s time to put a stop to the cycle.

But making a change requires acknowledging that there is a need for change. Are you enabling your clients to walk over you by not taking a stand for your business? Are you allowing yourself to be a pushover? Are you simply saying “Yes” to all your client’s demands without thinking of the good of your business? Then you may be the problem you need to address first.

How you allow your clients to treat you is a reflection of how you see your worth as an entrepreneur. Do you allow clients to push you to lower your rate, even below par? Then you believe that you are worth that much money. Do you allow your clients to just pay you whenever they can, even if this means not paying on time? Then you believe that you are not worth being paid on time and that your business is not worthy of operating excellently. Do you find yourself saying “yes” to your client all the time, even if you don’t agree? Then you believe that your opinions are not valuable or worthy to be fought for.

Your behavior reflects who you believe you are. Your clients reflect what principles your business reflects. And your response to your clients’ behavior, whether good or bad, sets precedents for them to behave a certain way in the future. If you believe in yourself and in the value of your business, you need to embrace that and allow your actions to be a reflection of that belief – especially when it comes to choosing your clients.

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