Finish Strong! Finish with a BANG!

shutterstock_304243838As an entrepreneur, we may experience or have already experienced many hard challenges just to keep our business running.

The key to be able to survive all the challenges ahead of us is to focus on our goals and never give up. Sure, there are times when we would fail and even feel like our efforts are futile. But, always remember that failing is repackaged as another step towards your success.

My story has inspired a lot of people to reach their goal in becoming an entrepreneur; and if you have been following me for quite a while now, you’ll know that what I’ve been through was not easy at all. But, I didn’t give up. I strived for it until I reached my goal, and that’s what you should do. Giving up should never be an option.

As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. End this year with a bang and get your business out there. When you’ve reached your goal, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for all your strong efforts. Remember, success is always within your reach.

Do not give up. Keep striving for your goal and continue it into the new year!

Nothing Is Too Late

A lot of people think that as we grow older, the more it’s too late to be what we want to be. And so, most of us adults, tend to give up on our dreams and proceed to be practical and do what seems to be realistic in our everyday lives.

But, nothing is too late. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams and be what you want to be. Take the famous author, J.K Rowling, as an example. She was 32 years old when her first book came out. And look at her now, she never gave up on her dreams. Despite her age, it didn’t stop her from pursuing to be what she wants to be.

Life goes on, and so does our chances. We get to choose what we want to be. Every day, every minute and every second is a chance for us to turn our lives around. It’s a matter of action; if you just keep on wishing and doing nothing, then your dreams are nothing but dreams.

Don’t think too far ahead just yet. Focus on what you need to do. Start taking action and turn your dreams into reality!

Great Things Never Came from the Comfort Zone

shutterstock_389252365All of us are working so hard to get to where we want to be. To achieve our dreams and make the people we love proud of us. But, have you been working hard enough to achieve your dreams?

Now, I’m not saying that you should work hard to the point where you forget about your health just to get there; but what I’m saying is, are you at least taking action to achieve your dreams?

Always remember that nothing will happen if you just sit around and wait for that opportunity before you do something about it. You need to create an opportunity for yourself. Great things would never come from your comfort zone.

So, instead of sitting around, doing nothing and wishing you’re already on your stepping stone of success, why not use that time and day to think about the first thing you need to do to achieve your dreams?

Just like the quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt says, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.” It means you need to deal with few challenges and prepare for what may happen before you reach your goal. When you fail, don’t give up. Use that as your motivation.

Real Meaning of SUCCESS


Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It means that you have achieved a goal or a vision. This is just one of the many definitions of success. What about you? What is success to you? Have you made a comparison of yourself with your idea of success?

We have to stop comparing ourselves with others, especially with all the social media wherein we see people going in and out of towns, taking exotic trips, etc. You don’t know how they’re paying for that; you don’t know where they’re staying; you don’t know anything about them and their actual way of life. But you are binding yourself up because you feel as though you are “not where someone else is”.

So define success or redefine what truly success is for you. We’re here to constantly let you know what success truly is. Success is about how you’re feeling about yourself, how your relationship is with your spouse, how your relationship is with your children, and your relationship spiritually with God. That is where true success lies; not in your bank account, not in how many zeroes are in your cheque, not about what car you drive or house you own.

Those are material things that you end up with after you go through a process, but the process itself is what real, true success is.

In short, success is not about material things; it’s not a thing that the world can give. It is only given by the Lord. That’s why you have your family, your peace and your relationship with God. That’s the true meaning of success. You can have it even without money.

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Life experiences13626587_1151104168266075_7506053499665795867_n are different for everyone. 10 years ago, I was living on welfare, and 15 years ago, I was even homeless. I can’t even imagine that I used to be in that place in my life. When I relive my childhood memories they are often filled with pain and torment, even the memories cause me to become wrought with emotion and my eyes well up with tears. When it all comes together and I look at where I am today, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially, I know for absolute certain that had I not lived through that rough childhood I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I am so grateful that even though the journey was a tumultuous one, God has never left my side. God has positioned me for change — change in my personal lives and the lives of those near and dear to my heart, change in some people I don’t know at all, and change in our communities. We all have a story, a testimony of the goodness of God’s grace and mercy. But I do know that I have no intention of going back to where I was. And so I am going to work hard and put my best effort into what I do as a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur.

I want to share my story for I have been compelled to tell my story to free others. Sign up and be a part of my journey.



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