Creating Your Vision

shutterstock_326909132Everything starts with a Vision. What is your vision for your business? What do you really want to accomplish? What goals do you want to work on? When will you start planning? Do you have a plan laid out for you now or are you just starting?

A few months before 2016 ended, I had been lugging around a flip-chart everywhere I went. That flip-chart was very important to me because my goals were on there. The action items I needed to do in order to get those goals completed, and ways on how to implement it, were also listed. It was that important to me and that’s why I was lugging it around. I would gladly lug my little board around than anything else because this is the vision that has been downloaded into me.

As business owners, we usually do our planning before the year ends. That is the time that we gather things and ideas, so that we can face the succeeding year with new goals, new ideas, and new projects. But if you haven’t done your planning yet, it doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the last quarter of this year to start. Planning should happen regularly and continuously. So what are you doing now? You can start by reading. You can read from books, magazines, blogs, from your computer or tablet, and you don’t even have to spend a cent for it because you can read a lot of information for free. Collect all the information and ideas and write them down. Digest every piece of information, take advantage of your resources, and pump up that creative mode. I just want to ignite that feeling inside of you that is telling you that it’s time to create — it’s time to have new ideas, new projects, and new businesses.


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