Business Practices That Affects You Negatively Without Knowing

You may have clients who treat you unfairly, but sometimes the blame isn’t necessarily all on them. It’s time to start thinking if there are things you do operationally or even on principle that enable this type of bad client behavior.


At this point, it’s time to ask yourself the following WHY questions:shutterstock_420085351

  • Why do I allow my clients to do these things?
  • Why do I allow my clients to bully me into a rate that’s below my standards?
  • Why do I allow people to disrespect me?
  • Why do I allow people to enter my organization who act as if they’re the CEO?



Behavior is something that is also “enabled.” If at some point during asking yourself these questions, you find yourself discovering that you have been your bad client’s “enabler” all this time, it’s time to put a stop to the cycle.

But making a change requires acknowledging that there is a need for change. Are you enabling your clients to walk over you by not taking a stand for your business? Are you allowing yourself to be a pushover? Are you simply saying “Yes” to all your client’s demands without thinking of the good of your business? Then you may be the problem you need to address first.

How you allow your clients to treat you is a reflection of how you see your worth as an entrepreneur. Do you allow clients to push you to lower your rate, even below par? Then you believe that you are worth that much money. Do you allow your clients to just pay you whenever they can, even if this means not paying on time? Then you believe that you are not worth being paid on time and that your business is not worthy of operating excellently. Do you find yourself saying “yes” to your client all the time, even if you don’t agree? Then you believe that your opinions are not valuable or worthy to be fought for.

Your behavior reflects who you believe you are. Your clients reflect what principles your business reflects. And your response to your clients’ behavior, whether good or bad, sets precedents for them to behave a certain way in the future. If you believe in yourself and in the value of your business, you need to embrace that and allow your actions to be a reflection of that belief – especially when it comes to choosing your clients.

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