Insights on Getting Your Dream Clientele

As I was sitting and reflecting earlier today, I’ve come to think about my clientele. I look at my calendar and I see several scheduled meetings with different clients. With these different clients to attend to, life is just really busy. And this got me thinking about the quality of my clientele, how we dream about the perfect client, and how some of us are not fortunate enough to have them.

If you’ve been just reactive and accepting just about any client who happens to come along, it’s time to change that. Since we’ve talked about assessing your current clientele, the health of your relationship with them, your current business practices, and your view of your worth as an entrepreneur, now we get into taking action and responding to what we have learned from our assessment.

Now that you know where you are, you can now move forward by determining what you need to do to elevate your client quality to the next step. From being merely reactive, you now need to become proactive.

Begin by thinking about what kind of client you actually want to work for. We’ll call this your client avatar. Consider the following factors as you reflect on this:



  • Type of client (industry, product, service – you can be as bold as to name a specific brand or client that you’d love to work for!)
  • Age / Length of time in business
  • Demographics / Location (Where they live)
  • Profit/ Income bracket
  • Location of business operations
  • Personality/Type of behavior (Go as far as asking yourself what type of car they drive, what kind of food they like, what hobbies and interests they pursue, and many more)



Why are we being so specific in developing our client avatar? In doing so, you develop a basis or a starting point for fine-tuning your business development strategy. In identifying your dream client DNA, you also allow yourself to think through the best ways you can actually connect with and integrate these people into your client roster – whether it’s through advertising, networking, or other methods. Your client avatar also serves as a reference point as to how you market yourself to these individuals so that they get interested in your services.

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