9 Power of Principles To Bring Your Dreams To Reality – Journal

9 Power of Principles To Bring Your Dreams To Reality – Journal



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Are you browsing books searching for guidance or courage as you consider starting your own business?

To achieve your dreams you must change your thinking. Living in poverty? Teen pregnancy? Homeless? Group home? Abusive relationship? None of these things can hold you back.

Dr. Nicole Farmer, “The Business Doctor,” is candid and compassionate, bold and encouraging as she outlines practical and achievable steps that will guide you toward success. Her story is full of challenges and barriers, but she chooses to focus on blessings. Once she changed her mindset and understood that all her hardships converted to strength, she once thought she did not have; it has been success and dream fulfillment day after day.

9 Power Principles, is an easy-to-read and joyful book that offers information on running a business and letting go of weighty and negative expectations or perceptions. Straight-forward tips, written from direct experience, come alive on every page.

Believe that you have already achieved the first and most important success in your life: daring to dream beyond your current life! Take that courage and take the next step. Once you read, 9 Power Principles, it will become a reference that you use throughout your journey to being a business owner.


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