Turn Your Dreams into a Plan

shutterstock_344966651I know all of us have a lot of dreams that we want to achieve. As a child, some of us wanted to grow up to be a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, or even start our own business. But as we grew up, we faced reality; and in the end, we forgot about our dreams and just focused on what we have in front of us, as part of being “practical”.

Some people have the fear of failing or being made fun of by the people around them. But that shouldn’t hinder you to strive for what you want to achieve. You shouldn’t be scared of being a laughing stock. Because in the end, if you let those people influence you by pulling you down, then you’ll be the loser. You just need to focus on your dream and how to turn it into a plan.

Don’t be scared of failing. Listen, failure is not failing. It’s just repackaged as your next step towards success.

Turning your dream into a concrete plan can be really intimidating. But if you do it little by little, and work on your plan by starting with baby steps, then you’re taking action by allowing yourself to achieve something bigger.

Don’t be scared. It’s time for you to make your dreams turn into reality!